Finance Specialists

Finance Specialists

Why use us to finance your car?

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team have a thorough understanding of the many ways in which vehicles are funded and how you fund your next car requires a little thought to ensure that you preserve your own personal credit rating and to ensure the best use of any savings.

Funding using a personal loan is underwritten on you. As such, borrowing money for any future expenditure may be hindered if you are personally deemed to be over committed. You are likely to be required to provide some in depth personal information, possibly including your personal income and expenditure. Once approved for your loan, you may be sent documents to sign and complete and only then will you receive funds to your account, which will then need to be transferred into your dealers account. Allow 2-5 days for completion of the entire process.

Motor Vehicle Finance is partly underwritten on the car that you are buying but more importantly, we need only 3 pieces of information - where you live, where you work and where you bank and that's it!

Funding is normally underwritten within two hours and then all you need to do is - sign and drive!

Unlike a bank, we will tailor your loan that personally suits your circumstances, ensuring that maximise your purchase power and are in a position to change your car when you want to.

Bluauto can provide a wide variety of funding options for your new car. With the support of some of the top UK finance organisations. We can even provide cash back where your part exchange is surplus to any deposit needs...just ask and we are happy to assist.

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